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Our vision at Faithworks Compton is to develop Compton, CA into a city where residents, neighbors and visitors walk in the authority and excellence of God and they glorify God and Jesus Christ with their thoughts, words, and actions;


Our vision is to also develop Compton, CA into a city where families live, work, worship and recreate with joy, safety, assurance, and hope for the future;


Develop Compton into a city where individuals, families and business owners take pride in the property and the street in which they are located.


Lastly, develop Compton, CA into a city whose light shines bright to set an example for other cities.

Make a lasting impact and donate to Faithworks Compton and help support our Godly vision in developing Compton, California into a safer place for our families, communities and children. Therefore, with your donation our vision can be fulfilled.

Be the change you want to see in the world and become a volunteer or board member with Faithworks Compton.


To build the city of Compton, California through access to educational, economic, civic and recreational opportunities that enhance quality of life, contribute to the strengthening of neighborhoods, produce healthy lifestyles and families, spur economic development and engage citizens in the improvement of their community.

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